We will exceed your expectations.

At Insurance Incorporated, we embrace the “old” way of doing business. We stay focused on relationships and flawless customer service. For us, there's nothing more important than meeting your current needs while anticipating your future needs.

“This is just the way we do business. It’s the only way we know how.”

Davis Morelock, CIC

We're here to help you protect what matters most.

Meet Our Team

Andy Lee, CIC


Andy has held the office of President at Insurance Incorporated since 2010, however he has been with our agency since 1998.

Andy’s primary focus is on commercial lines production, also assisting with the training and growth of the producing staff of the agency.

In his free time, Andy serves as board member for several local endeavors.

Davis Morelock, CIC


Davis was installed as Secretary/Treasurer of Insurance Incorporated in 2010. A graduate of MTSU, he has been with the agency since 2005.

Davis focuses primarily on commercial lines production and is vital in developing agency procedures and standards for the entire staff.

Davis also volunteers for several charitable organizations in the Bradley County area.

Jeff Morelock, CIC

Officer & Insurance Agent

Jeff is retired but plays a very active role at Insurance Incorporated. He spends most days managing the company's financial matters and consulting with our agency manager. Jeff still enjoys assisting clients from time to time and as always, enjoys working with fellow employees.

When he's not hard at work, Jeff serves on the boards of several local nonprofit organizations and volunteers a great deal of time in our community. More than anything, Jeff cherishes every minute with his grandchildren.

Proud team member since: 1980

Insurance advice: Learn as much as you can, as soon as you can.

Michael Thomas, CIC

Nashville Business Agent

Michael is always busy with both new and existing business customers, working non-stop to help them find the perfect protection. He also enjoys being part of such an amazing team here at Insurance Incorporated.

When he's not hard at work, Michael enjoys time with his beautiful wife, Mandy and their very awesome dog, Olive. He's also a competitive shooter, which we think is super cool!

Proud team member since: 2008

Lily Burris

Commercial Services

Lily is one of our great customer service representatives, so she spends much of her day processing endorsements, answering customer questions and working with underwriters. She enjoys being part of a team that works so well together.

When Lily gets time away from the office, she spends every available moment with husband and beautiful new daughter.

Proud team member since: 2014

Ashlie Dashler

Commercial Services

Ashlie takes pride in making your insurance experience pleasurable. Ashlie is proud to know she's part of a team who's truly focused on their customers and she's happy to lend a hand when needed.

When she's not helping customers at work, she enjoys spending time at home with her husband and young son.

Proud team member since: 2017

Andrea 'Dede' Goode

Agency Accounting

Andrea, better known as Dede, is addicted to numbers and she keeps our company's financial business in order. Accounting is her forte because she enjoys the precise nature of math... the answer always is right or wrong.

When she's not crunching numbers here at the office, she's spending time with her husband, step-son and their enormous family she's proud to consider her own.

Proud team member since: 2002

Insurance advice: Never be afraid to ask questions.

Ashley Harmon

Account Manager

Ashley is one of a kind, she's our in-house Claims Manager. She does a job like no other, spending the day answering phone calls and emails for both individuals and businesses when they have new claims, questions about an existing claim or just want to check the status of a claim. She's happy to help customers through the difficult times.

When she's not handling claims at work, she's usually busy juggling the sporting activities of her three boys and on occasion, catching a good movie with her incredible family.

Proud team member since: 2012

Erin Jenne

Department & Account Manager

Erin has a tremendous amount of experience and spends most of her time helping both new and existing customers with policy changes, renewals and more. She enjoys helping people better understand how insurance works and how important it is to be properly covered. Somehow, Erin still manages to keep our office working, from moving furniture to loading drinks in the cooler. (We think her secret is coke and Gobstoppers!)

When she's not busy here at the office, you'll probably find Erin with her husband of many years and their two sons, who keep them both very busy.

Proud team member since: 1997

Insurance advice: Choose a local agent, not an 800 number or .com. Make an effort to learn about insurance and how you should protect yourself.

Jill Lane

Agency Manager/Account Manager

Jill is our Agency Manager, responsible for all areas of the agency, both daily and long term planning. She works closely with the owners and is responsible for both overseeing the customer service side and setting standards and practices for the staff. Additionally she manages the daily operations of the agency from human resources to communications with our insurance carriers. Jill started her career with the agency in accounting and since spent several years in Claims and Commercial Lines before moving to her current role.

Proud team member since: 1998

Emily LeJeune

Commercial Services

Emily assists several businesses with their commercial insurance needs on a daily basis. She's constantly learning new things and enjoys sharing them with her customers.

When she's not hard at work, you'll probably find her (and her new kitten) reading a good book or spending time with her boyfriend. One more thing... Emily has some serious hand lettering skills.

Proud team member since: 2013

Shannon Pardue

Account Manager

Shannon honestly loves people and helping them, especially with their insurance needs. She takes excellent care of her customers, both new and existing and she especially enjoys the challenge of solving tough problems.

When she's not tackling the needs of customers here, Shannon enjoys spending time with family and friends in the great outdoors... camping, kayaking, hiking, boating and jeeping!

Proud team member since: 2014

Insurance advice: You can never have too much liability coverage.

Christy Ritzhaupt

Claims Manager

Christy is married with two sons. She enjoys traveling with her family.

Proud team member since: 2019

Karen Wright

Account Manager

Karen enjoys keeping our customers happy! She's always solving difficult problems and takes great pride in the details of her work. Karen has a tremendous amount of experience and enjoys taking on the toughest issues.

When she's not hard at work, Karen enjoys spending time with her family and especially enjoys watching her grandkids play ball.

Proud team member since: 1980